“I attended your yoga session at the South Bank Centre and I’m just ‘dropping a line’ to say how much I enjoyed it. It was such an oasis of calm and relaxation in an otherwise hectic weekend. The balance of effort and surrender was perfect for me. I particularly liked the moon salutation and the wriggly cobra. The adjustment you made when we were in savasana was amazing – I felt great all the way back to Leeds on the train later that afternoon.” Kath, Leeds

“Over the past 6 months, I have now become a regular yogi thanks to Kanwal and her classes. Refreshing, invigorating and good for the soul, I now have ‘Yoga Thursdays’ pencilled in the diary. Kanwal is the perfect teacher, balancing patience, attention and a genuine personal warmth. I would highly recommend her classes to anybody interested in Yoga.” Nick, London

“I have been to several yoga classes taught by various teachers, but I found Kanwal’s method of teaching and her personality the most suited to me. She brought imagination to the class and encouraged students who were clearly beginners and that’s a big plus! She struck the right note given the mixture of abilities in the class. She was also very patient in going round to make sure we did the poses correctly, given our abilities. Her demeanor and love for yoga was clear and I fell in love with it ever since! Thank you Kanwal.” Shanthini, Harrow

“I’ve tried many different types of yoga but never seemed to make it a regular part of my exercise routine until now! Kanwal’s approach is really great as she gives a wide range of options for people ranging from beginners to those who are more advanced. I always leave class feeling like I’ve had a great workout, relaxed and knowing I’ll feel it the next day. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.” Natalie, London

“Kanwal’s yoga sessions are amazing. I started doing yoga with her over two years ago and am still going which says it all. The atmosphere is great, really relaxed and inviting and she is great at adapting the class to all levels so you never feel out of your depth but equally you feel you are still getting a bit of a challenge. Each class is different as she always works with what the group wants, so you really feel you are getting what you need out of the class. I would totally recommend it for anyone looking anyone wanting to try out a new yoga class.” Maggie, London

“What makes Kanwal’s yoga classes stand out is that she really pays attention to the strengths of each individual and helps you adapt poses effectively for your ability. I genuinely look forward to these classes and can notice improvements each week – I feel like I’m really working my body but I also come away feeling incredibly relaxed.” Jen, London

“As a beginner, Kanwal’s classes have been a fantastic introduction to yoga. Classes are always varied and interesting and Kanwal is a fantastic teacher, supporting all members of the class whatever their ability. Would highly recommend.”
Arielle, London